Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cake, Roulade, and Hello Kitty

So this week's lab was really fun. For some reason it was more tiring than other labs but I am not really sure why. :-) We took our mousse filled Roulade's and covered them in fresh made chocolate ganache and learned how to ice our cakes and decorate them.

First: the ganache. YUM comes to mind. All you do is heat heavy cream and corn syrup on the stove until just boiling and then remove and poor over finely chopped chocolate and let the heat do it's work. After you are able to stir it to ganache consistency it was ready. I had prepped the roulade with chocolate mouse and smoothed it with parchment paper. One of my team mates then poured the ganache all over the Roulade and we let it drip down the sides. It looked so good!! We did a pretty darn good job if I do say so myself. It looked amazing and tasted even better! Here is a picture of it before we put it in the cooler to chill. It looks awesome when you cut a piece. Kind of like a HoHo! haha

Next we moved on to making buttercream. We had a choice of making our own batch, working in groups of 2, or working in groups of 4. I wanted to do my own so I just told my team. haha I guess they probably could have done a batch together but we all ended up doing our own batch. Which worked out well because Chef noticed and gave us props for choosing to do our own. She said that making the buttercream is on our midterm. YAY! I did a pretty decent job. The recipe is kind of a sucky recipe and even Chef doesn't like it, but besides a bit of bubbles, mine turned out pretty good.

Fist we learned to trim the "crust edges" off of the outside of the cake. Easier said than done. But, at least I learned how to do it because it really does make the inside cut of the cake look a lot better. We then started with a crumb coat. And although my cake was a bit wonky and lopsided and I had to have a little help from our lab assistant to make sure I was really doing a crumb coat correctly (I had never really learned the proper way to do it), I was well on my way. I used the speed icer to coat the cake after the crumb coat and I created what was my smoothest buttercream cake yet! I have worked so hard in the past trying to get a cake to look flat and smooth and with the techniques we learned, I was able to do a pretty good job! I still need A LOT of practice but I was happy with it. I tinted the rest of my icing light pink and got to the borders.

The only guidelines she gave us was that we had to use some of the piping techniques we had currently practiced in class. I was scared to ruin my cake because pink on turning back. But, all in all I did a pretty decent job. I am fairly confident with bead borders (more practice is needed obviously) but I was so paranoid to do the shells! But I went for it and again, not perfect but definitely my best go at it so far. YAY! That means I am getting better! I couldn't figure out what to put in the middle. My friend said that it looked like Hello Kitty should go in the middle. I got so excited and wanted to do that so bad...I mean, who doesn't love Hello Kitty??? haha But, without a picture I was afraid I would end up hating the cake. So, I tried to make some roses. Even though this is not something that was taught to us, I have done it previously. But, in the end, my buttercream had gotten too warm and even though the first rose I made looked pretty good, it fell right off of the base and slipped right on to the mixer. Ugh. I gave up. So, beaded border heart was what it was. I thought it kind of made the cake look a bit cheesy but oh well. I am still pretty proud of it for a rush job. So, first there is a pic of the cake so you can see the cheesy heart and the next is with a cut into the cake so you can see the pretty raspberry mousse filling with the white and pink icing. Pink and kind of cake! haha

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