Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy busy busy

So, work and life have just been hectic! Sorry no posts lately. The only information to update would be that of trying to get my stinking classes for fall. See, I have 3 total classes left. 1. Directed Practice (onsite internship hours at the school) 2. Pastry/Baking 3 (must take Directed Practice before or at the same time) and 3. Directed Practice 2 (offsite intern hours). Well, I am on the waiting list for both the first Directed Practice AND the Pastry class. The problem is, only 8 people are allowed to register for Directed Practice each semester. So, 16 people per year. The Pastry class is only offerred in the fall. So, if I don't get them both this semester, I have to wait a whole year to graduate. The school is basically pushing my graduation a whole year. First of all, sucks and second of all, not legal by the state of California. So, luckily the state has rules about this. I am trying to work it out and hopefully I will get into both classes. Fingers crossed. At least I am signed up for a sculpture class just in case. :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes

Well, I haven't been posting since school got out. Plus I have been working my little booty off making cupcakes at my new job. I got a job at a cupcake bakery in Lake Forest, CA. Oddly enough it is down the street from the first house I lived in when we first moved to south orange county. Although the center we are in was leveled and is all new now.

So, I have been making cupcakes and more cupcakes since right before Memorial Day. I really enjoy my job. I have had a lot of friends come in to try it out and to visit. I work 40 hours a week baking and decorating. Just this week we decided to donate cupcakes to a charity event that is also doing a cupcake contest! So, we are entering. It should be fun. We brainstormed the other day and should be trying out our suggestions soon.

As for school, things don't look good. I have three classes left. 2 internship classes taken consecutively and one pastry class. Well, the pastry class cannot be taken without the first intern class. I have to take it first or at the same time as the pastry class. Unfortunately, I could not get into the internship class last semester. I register today for fall and both the internship class and pastry class are full. It makes me mad because it sets me back a whole year because the pastry class is only offered in the fall. Which means even if I can get the internship class in the spring, I have to wait until the following fall to take the pastry class. Of course, that class is the whole reason I am going through the program in the first place!! So I am frustrated and mad. I thought having the 4th day of registration as my date I would be okay. Not so much. It pretty much sucks.

Anyway, here are some pics of some of our cupcakes from work. Some are special orders. Don't they look yummy?