Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy busy busy

So, work and life have just been hectic! Sorry no posts lately. The only information to update would be that of trying to get my stinking classes for fall. See, I have 3 total classes left. 1. Directed Practice (onsite internship hours at the school) 2. Pastry/Baking 3 (must take Directed Practice before or at the same time) and 3. Directed Practice 2 (offsite intern hours). Well, I am on the waiting list for both the first Directed Practice AND the Pastry class. The problem is, only 8 people are allowed to register for Directed Practice each semester. So, 16 people per year. The Pastry class is only offerred in the fall. So, if I don't get them both this semester, I have to wait a whole year to graduate. The school is basically pushing my graduation a whole year. First of all, sucks and second of all, not legal by the state of California. So, luckily the state has rules about this. I am trying to work it out and hopefully I will get into both classes. Fingers crossed. At least I am signed up for a sculpture class just in case. :-)

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