Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The first daunting task

School starts next week. So today I decided to go through my packet for the baking lab and to open up my book for lecture. (I am staying away from the culinary arts math book for now...yikes...that can wait until class).

The packet is basically the syllabus, letting us know what we will be doing every week. The first week is all measurements. many teaspoons go into a tablespoon and how many pounds are in a quart. Guess I should start studying for my 3rd week quiz on measurements now! :-)

The book for lecture is a bit daunting. I have considered weighing it via my Wii Fit. It is seriously the size of an encyclopedia (and must weigh just about as much). It is about 1 1/2 inches thick and much bigger than my tiny little Dell Mini 9 laptop. The book is 770 pages!!! Leave it to the Le Cordon Bleu schools to make a text book so big.

As I opened up the book, intimidated by its size, and turned to Chapter 1, I was instantly enthralled by just the first page. The first chapter has to do with the historical background of baking. And when I say historical I mean....back to prehistoric times of gathering. Pretty interesting stuff! Did you know that unleavened flatbreads, such as tortillas, were most likely the first breads ever made? And more than likely they were an accident by leaving the paste of water and smooshed up grains on a hot rock. haha I look forward to finding out more about baking in the middle ages and the first sugar and pastry making. To some this must seem boring but to me it is very intriguing.

I was also very happy to find out (by just flipping through the book) that there are some recipes that are gluten free! Woot Woot! Not only am I allergic to wheat but I have friends that are allergic to gluten. Nice to know that our crazy food issues will be included.

First week looks like it will be just learning measurements and the kitchen. After that is cookies!! Yum!


  1. This leads me to think again that the gluten-free pastry chef angle would be a good one to capitalize on too for your blog. There's definitely a distinct niche to fill.

  2. We have a girl in class who's three boys are allergic to EVERYTHING. One is allergic to gluten, one is to milk, another is to wheat. Her plans are to open a bake shop that is allergy-sensitive. I love that idea.

    But um...good luck with not eating any of your foods - it's going to be hard!!

  3. Lindz - I hope to incorporate the same thing in my business! I think there is a great market for it. And yes, not eating the foods will be hard. haha I might have to at least have a bite once in a while. lol