Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beginning Thoughts

Well, here I am. A 33 year old former corporate world girl switching her life upside down for a new found career. Am I crazy? Or just finally doing something for myself?

I have wanted to go to Pastry School for about 10 years. Somehow it just never worked out for me. When the universe kept putting me in bad situations within the corporate world, I knew I was in need of a change. Growing up in the performing arts I felt I was way too creative to sit behind a desk all day (even if it was in a marketing department). Having taken a few cake decorating classes through the local craft store I finally made the decision to take that leap of faith....on to pastry school!

I finished up my Sanitation & Safety training last spring and now have my certification ( least for the next 5 years until it needs to be renewed). I start my on hands training in the pastry arts on September 1st.

Since many of my friends and family members have asked me to keep them up to date on my goings on at school, I decided to start a blog after seeing the movie Julie & Julia with friends one night. :-) I have never had a blog or even written in a journal really, so this is a new experiment for me. I figure a former corporate world girl going to pastry school could lead to some pretty funny situations. ;-)

I hope you all enjoy keeping up with my new adventure. I am excited more than I can express in words.

In the words of Julia Child...."Bon Appetite!"


  1. Yeah... Harmony I am so excited!!! Good luck in school... seing what you have already done with your cakes, I have no doubt you will be great!!!

  2. I am still holding out hope for H&H Cakes one day!!! You need to upload your drawings and pics too!

    I love this! Keep it up!

  3. Cute! Love the pink blog...try using a template from they are super cute and totally free.

    Have fun. I look forward to more entries to come. :)