Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foccacia pizza!

Well, this week was happily an easier week. I think Chef planned it that way since last week was crazy and next week is midterm. So, we did everything as a class. She gave everyone specific jobs and we stuck to that. Pre-fermented dough made into dough for foccacia, fougasse, ciabatta, and baguettes. All of these are made from the same dough so it was very easy. I got to round the dough for proofing. Basically that means you shape it into a round ball with the skin of the dough on top smooth. It is actually a bit harder than it sounds but I was happy to get the practice for next week’s midterm. The best part of the lab was getting to take the foccacia and each make our own individual pizzas! Yum! After that all craziness broke loose as everyone was concentrated on eating their pizza instead of listening to Chef. Haha

So, our lab next week is our “practical” midterm. We will be again making rolls. I feel a bit more confident in making them now as I practiced the shapes with the play dough (which I am still trying to find the recipe for as I lost it). So, today and the rest of this week I will be concentrating on studying for the written midterm on Friday. Good thing is, I got an A on my last test! YAY! I am going to use the same technique I did for studying for that test for the midterm. Let’s hope that works!

Oh, and someone in our baking class has swine flu. Fantastic. Luckily not someone in my specific lab we don’t think. So, I have been disinfecting myself after every class. Haha Let’s hope that keeps it away!

I also made some pumpkin pie bites for a pre-Halloween Thanksgiving party last night. They seemed to be a hit! Tried to upload a picture but it won't work. Oh well. They were cute!

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